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Description:Leipziger Straße, im Hintergrund der Bundesrat

From: Bilge   (Fri 19 Oct 2012 07:31:31 PM CEST)
Thank you for a very entertaining video week!But of crosue, 'entertainment' wasn't the only goal here.So, let's take a (preliminary) look at the results so far.Which trailer is the most succesful?With the last video only just released, number-of-views is of crosue still much determined by the number of days it's on the Net, but some first signs of favourites can be detected.Unicycle Painter is clearly leading with almost double points to it's competitors (+2200).Second is Parakeet Artist (1400), jumping over two previously released video's, Gallery Flambeau(1300) and Square Puppet(1000).For the last tree posts, it's still too soon.I'd say it's clear that a high "Man bites dog" factor determines the popularity - a drawing bird, or a unicycling artist does the trick. Humour or clever editing is less effective.So it's crucial to make your commercial stand out.I'm curious to see how it will evolve the next couple of weeks and months. Will it keep on rising steadily or will it top off at some point? Probably the last - there's always a saturation point.But the million dollar question is, what will it do to sales? Well, marketing boys make 'an earnest living' figuring this out for you...Can free youtube videos compete with an expensive ad in an artists magazine?

From: Estefania   (Wed 09 Dec 2015 11:59:05 PM CET)
Glad I've finally found soitnhmeg I agree with!

From: JimmiXS   (Sat 13 Aug 2016 01:29:23 AM CEST)

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 Gallery: Perlboot Galerie  Album: Berlin   
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